No.162 Mahabalipuram,
Venpurusham village,
Tamilnadu - 603104.

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Want To Get Away From The Hustle And Bustle Of The City?

Pack your bags and come to Mahabalipuram. If you are someone who loves to sit by the shore under the sun with your feet in the sand and calm your mind, Mahabalipuram is the place for you. For leisurely options, Mahabalipuram beach resorts are the one. These resorts are filled with scenic beauty and they are easy on your pockets too. After a long week at the office, Mahabalipuram beach resorts will be the best option to have a blast with your friends and families on the weekends. Drive through the highway and get thrilled by crocodiles and snakes, enjoy all the water sports, visit the beach, watch movies and enjoy the delicious seafood. What better way to spend a weekend?

With booming population, the real estate tycoons are providing a wide range of options varying from villas to gated communities. With a number of commercial properties coming up and not to forget the infrastructural developments, villas and resorts in ECR are gaining popularity. Rent a resort in ECR to relax on your weekends. The real estate is booming in ECR, acquiring keen attention from younger generation because of its great social life. ECR also has beautiful beaches that will also be a great retirement lifestyle plan to relax at your old age. Villas for rent in ECR promises to attract tourist irrespective of the age. ECR highway might be the ultimate racing and hanging spot for the young generation. But one shouldn't restrain themselves from renting villas in ECR to chill in their weekend to recharge themselves in a luxurious resort midst a breathtaking scenic view that will make all the stress disappear. Do plan a trip to ECR and rent a villas or beach resort in ECR. Trust us; this sweet little glimpse of heaven will refresh your heart and soul!