No.162 Mahabalipuram,
Venpurusham village,
Tamilnadu - 603104.

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Retire Yourself Into A Paradise Of Comfort And Luxury

It is indeed quite rightful to say that a perpetual withdrawal from one’s work – life proves to be a substantial yet a very emotional and sentimental moment for those who eventually encounter a life – changing phase of post – retirement wherein the sudden shift poses to be a situation where one’s day to day activities appear to come to a pit-stop or such was the perception back in the days of yore when such ideologies evolved from a very conservative societal background. On the contrary, nowadays, it is quite interesting to observe that retirees perceive the next phase in their lives to be a change of lifestyle wherein they are given the freedom, choice and opportunity to live life as they will and please, probably make their homes in a place where they can bask in the sun relishing upon their youthful and vibrant days.

Beach House and Resorts in Mahabalipuram ECR

For those savvy, ambitious and opportunistic retirees who’re on the hunt for luxury villas to relax and get their weary souls untangled particularly in a calm and composed environment along with feasibility considered as an important factor, Manna Villas in ECR grants the ideal opportunity in providing the most elegant and comfort - driven villas cum luxury beach houses and for those residing or retiring in the bustling metropolitan city of Chennai particularly in and around the tourist destination of Mahabalipuram along the line of East Coast Road wherein even luxury resorts are exclusively proposed and constructed considering the ever – flowing crowd of tourists positioning it to be a real hotspot in the location.

Facilitated and equipped with amenities in terms of five star hotel preferences and provisions along with a lawn that faces the sea and the beach within a proximity of 5 minutes and surrounded by the most popular tourist destinations in South India within walkable distances, these beach houses and resorts are quite the paradigmatic luxury abodes rendering a feel of a whole another world wherein comfort, convenience, utmost satisfaction and recreation can be shared with friends and family, because who otherwise other than our very own loved ones.