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Luxury Beach Resorts and Beach Houses in ECR

An ideal weekend getaway would involve a perfect ambient place to relax, get a smooth drink, have a wonderful time with friends and family away from the 'busy’ness of the routine life, and enjoy the view of the waves crashing on the shores. Yes, a beach house is the ideal place for such a getaway. Unlike a luxurious hotel or an exotic spa, a beach house provides the perfect treatment to get you relaxed and refreshed. Swimming pools, sports and other entertainment activities, and bar lounges make it all the more interesting.

Beach houses and luxurious resorts are not only for families but also for corporates and bachelors and friends as well. ECR or the East Coast Road in Chennai has the best spots for such amazing experiences. Some of them are Blueskies Beach House, MoonLand Beach House, Olive Beach House, and Ivy Beach House. Beach houses and resorts provide the perfect ambience to relax and rest and have a quality time with friends and family. With the perfect view of sea, and located right across the shore, these beach houses and resorts can also be taken for rent for the convenient purposes. A stress free environment helps a person to relax and get refresh altogether.

Beach houses are available in ECR for rent as well. They provide the same facilities and services to each of the customers. Some of the resorts in ECR are the Grand Bay Resort, Chariot Beach Resort, Radisson Blu Resort and Manna Villa beach resort in Mahabalipuram. Such places are the best place to be at any given weekend and make it a better one.