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Guide to Ultimate Planning for your Road Trip

The world is constantly pursing an endless journey where people forget to take some time to smell the flowers during their journey. It is understandable but also, it is unacceptable. During our pursuit, we forget that we owe ourselves a time-off where we spend sometime with nature to rejuvenate ourselves and dust off the negative vibes off of us.z You know what we suggest? Take a road trip. You owe yourself this.

Yes, yes. We know. You have made plans before but there’s always this one ‘party pooper’ who ends up cancelling plans in the last minute. Why does this happen? It’s because the plan is not bulletproof that your friends aren’t really motivated enough to trust the plan. That’s where you’ve got to formulate the skeleton of your schedule so that your friends recognize that it’s not a joke and it’s actually going to happen. What should you plan? Let us enlighten you on that.

1. Itinerary:

The first and the most important of all is the route. The path which you’d be taking in order to reach the destination. Also decide where are the places you’d need to take pitstops. If you plan this correctly, you could stop in places where there’s a place to eat, refill the tank or simply stop and check out the scenic view.

2. Transport:

Honestly, this is almost as equally important as planning the itinerary. Of course, mode of transport is key; could be a bike, a car or anything. Get safety kits in the storage compartment, spare parts for components that might need replacement along the journey and finally, don’t forget to fill the fuel tank.

3. Packing checklist:

Here’s simply the to-do list that’s to be prepared before the journey to make sure no one misses out on anything. Here’s how you can let the people know that the trip is definitely happening as a means of reassuring that you’re serious about the plan. Light-weight clothes, toiletries, medicines, portable utensils and hand sanitizers are not to be forgotten.

4. Time-pass activities:

Activities that are meant to be done during leisure time (almost the entire journey) are better when preplanned. We’ll let you in on a little secret, prioritize this so that none of you get bored.

Our job’s done. It’s your turn now! Create that WhatsApp group and start planning! It’s all right, you’re welcome.